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Thursday, 25 June 2009 08:58

Thermography has lot of different application uses in different areas like medical,electrical etc.  Now let us check the application of thermography in the electrical field and the advantages of using the thermography in electrical applications.

Thermography is a technique which makes use of the differences  in temperature of an object.This same property is used in the electric field also. We know in the electrical field there are huge machines and tools constructed for different electrical purposes. The usage and maintenance of electrical engines, cabinets, etc. are extremely important in the electrical field.  And this process is always very difficult to perform.The best suitable technique that can be used for the testing and the maintenance of the electrical equipment is thermography. The scanning service provided by the infrared thermography is very useful in the electrical field.

What is the real function of this?It is actually scanning the different parts of the instrument or the huge machines.Thus it can find out the portions which have abnormal heat transfer or the abnormality in the current etc.Thus it detects the problem with the instrument before it can escalate into an expensive repair bill.Thus the repairing of the machine can be done. Why is this method of detection very useful?  Because if the problem with the machine is not found out it may lead to big problems such as the failure of entire machine,power failure or the workers who handle that machine may be in danger.  All these dangerous situations can be avoided by this infrared thermography.

The report that will be produced after the thermography scan will give all the information about the problem.  It will show in which part of the machine the problem is situated.And will give the infrared pictures of the potential problems. Thermographic camera is the essential part of the thermography technology.  In this camera the images are developed by the infrared radiations.  This camera can also be used for building inspection and leak detection etc.  There are two types of thermographic cameras; those with cooled infrared image detectors and uncooled detectors.  Energy auditing of building insulation and detection of refrigerant leaks are the most important application of these types of Thermographic cameras. Thus we can understand that the thermography can be effectively used in the electrical field.Since the electrical instruments and the machines need high degree of quality and safety,thermography is the best suitable technology for preventative maintainence in the electrical field.


by Nayana Valsaraj

Nayana is an Engineer in biotechnology


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